Capture Screenshot from a Macro Script

Now you can create a Macro Script to Capture Screenshot of your Windows Computer. Yes whether you need to Log a running application on your Windows Computer or you need to Monitor Activity on a Windows Computer, capturing Screenshots at pre-defined and regular intervals is really easy to setup. The given below Screenshot displays a Windows Automation […]

How to take Screenshot of One Screen with Dual Monitors

There are multiple ways to capture Screenshot of a particular Monitor on a Multiple or Dual Monitor Windows Computer. This post provides a simple and quick way to take Screenshot of only one Screen when you do have Dual or Multiple Monitors connected to your Windows Computer in Extended mode or the mode in which […]

Easy way to take a Screenshot

There are multiple ways to take a Screenshot on a Windows Computer and this post describes a really easy way to take a Screenshot without any technical knowledge. Yes the method described in this post is more easier than you might think. All you need to do is a simple click and you have a […]

Screenshot without Print Screen

Taking a Screenshot on a Windows Computer without Print Screen Button on Keyboard requires you to use a dedicated software application. Yes there are multiple ways in which you can capture a Screenshot without pressing the Print Screen Button depending on your which Windows Operating System you are using. In Order to capture Screenshot on […]

Auto Screenshot Software

This post presents a Software Application which provides the functionality of Capturing Screenshots Automatically. Further this post displays how you can schedule Capture of Screenshots and finally this post displays how to view the Screenshots captured. The Software Application presented here can be used on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and even […]

Take Screenshot in Microsoft Office Applications

Adding Screenshot to Microsoft Office Documents like Word, Excel or PowerPoint is really easy and quick. You can add Screenshot of any running Application in Office Document with a single click. There are basically two broad ways in which you can add Screenshot of Microsoft Office Documents. Either you can add a Screenshot of any […]

Take Screenshot on Windows 8

In order to take a Screenshot of complete Display, all you need to do is press the Windows Key + Prt Scr Key on your Keyboard and Windows 8 will capture Screenshot of your Display and store it as a .PNG File in the Screenshots Folder of Pictures Library as displayed in the screenshot below. […]

Screenshot File Format

A Screenshot can be stored in multiple file formats like Bitmap File, JPEG File, PNG File , etc. When a Screenshot is captured on a Windows Computer with Prt Scr or Alt + Prt Scr button on Keyboard, the Screenshot is stored in Bitmap File format. For sharing Screenshots by EMail or other File Sharing […]

How to Send Screenshot with Gmail

In order to send a Screenshot with Gmail, you need to create an Image File and then you can either Attach the Screenshot to the Message or Add Screenshot using Drag and Drop feature provided by GMail Message Compose Window. This Tutorial briefly describes how to send Screenshot in an EMail Message on Windows. Yes […]

Screenshot by EMail

Sending Screenshot by EMail is really easy and can be done within seconds without using any extra third party Screenshot Software. This post describes steps to send Screenshot by Email with an EMail Client like Windows LIVE EMail and the steps involved are the same for other email clients like Microsoft Outlook an othher EMail […]